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Penanaman Modal Asing
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Penanaman modal asing
Investment in Indonesia is regulated mainly by New Investment Law No.25 of 2007 (April 26, 2007).
Law 25/07
Law 25/07 integrates the previous investment laws and its implementing regulations to some extent, but deals with some of the bottlenecks frequently cited by foreign investors doing business in the country. Important changes include those relating to investment approval procedures, land titles, and incentives.

Law 25/07 introduces new issues such as Corporate Social Responsibility and Dispute Settlement mechanism. Law 25/07 also introduces one door-integrated services pursuant to licensing process. The process runs from the application stage until the issuance of documents of all necessary documents, everything can now be done.

Moreover, Law 25/07 gives regencies and cities the right, authority and obligation to regulate and self-manage investment approvals taking into account the interests of the local communities.

Law 25/07 also offers equal treatment of every investor by bureaucracy reform in investment services and fiscal incentives. It shows the efforts of the government to make the investment climate more transparent.

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